Token Holders Have Voting Power

Any holder of Cryptos' governance token may propose changes to the project, as well as vote on proposals made by other token holders.

Cryptos is Collaborative. This structure gives way for a democratic structure, one that allows everyone's opinion to be heard.

Web3 Is Freedom From Big Tech and Data Thieves

This community is built around core tenants of privacy, particularly from the entities that wish to profit at the average internet user's expense. This DAO structure puts the needs and wants of community members at the forefront of priority.

Community Voting. Tyranny Free. Voting is on equal grounds, anyone with a token can vote, anyone with a token can propose.

An Intuitive Voting System Utilizing Snapshot. Snapshot is the industry standard for DAO voting mechanisms.

Easily utilize your Cryptos governance tokens on snapshot to take part in the vital decision-making process.

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